Dapifer (Serif Font): Thursday Type Treat

Dapifer, designed by Darden Studio, is an extremely versatile font family that incudes 18 styles. You can purchase the entire family for $249 or go a la carte to get only what you need. Darden also offers a special “wedding” package that features 3 styles that work perfectly together—Light, Semibold and Semibold Italic—for $39.

Springing forth from the premise of an unbracketed “Old Style”, Dapifer expresses the canonical serif face within the rational framework of a slab serif.

Fundamental to any treatment of the 20th century serif is the notion that Classicism is itself a Modern invention — only within the past century or so has it been possible to approach book type as a smorgasbord from which to choose one’s favored forms.

Dapifer sallies through this terrain with an eye to agility, sourcing strokes from designers as varied as William Morris and Emil Rudolf Weiss to provide a host of alternate forms with which to define a flexible, precise typographic voice.

Dapifer (serif font)

Dapifer (serif font)

Dapifer (serif font)

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