Top 10 Reasons to REACH for Your Next Career Step

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If you’re set in your current job, and you’re not looking for opportunity or a bigger paycheck, then feel free to move on to the next article.

If you’re up for a challenge, if you’d like a few extra dollars in your bank account, if you’re ready to grow your creative career, then listen up: REACH: Accelerating Creative Leadership is here, and it’s just what you need to add leadership skills to your toolkit. Here’s how to know you’re ready to reach for your next career step—and ready for the REACH Conference.

REACH: Accelerating Creative Leaders

1. You’ve outgrown your current position.

In spite of the layered job titles (i.e., assistant art director/associate art director/art director/senior art director) creative teams tend to be pretty flat, with minimal room to grow in responsibility or pay even as your title changes. Assuming management responsibilities is a sure way to make a career leap.

2. You’re ready to move from doing to managing.

Maybe you can’t design the annual meeting materials one. more. time. Perhaps your colleagues already look to you for feedback and creative direction.

3. You’ve maxed out your opportunities for learning.

You’ve taken every online software training program out there, you’ve learned how to edit video and code websites, you’ve studied logo design, package design and … you’re still hungry to learn.

4. You love your company and your team, but you’re ready for something new.

Not ready to jump ship to another company? Time to look for opportunity in your own backyard: Is a creative leadership role your next logical step?

5. You’ve had great experiences with career development training.

Maybe your company has great internal training programs or has sent you to workshops. Corporate training can be effective, but it’s more so when it’s tailored to your existing creative skills and experience. You’re ready for next-level training.

6. You’ve had lousy experiences with career development training.

Many seminars aim at the broadest range of job descriptions and experience levels, so they’re generic and basic. You need a learning opportunity that leverages what you bring to the table and teaches you new ways to apply those skills. That’s REACH.

7. You’re ready for a pay boost.

There’s a generally accepted benchmark that managers earn 10% to 20% more than the employees they supervise.

8. You see the writing on the wall.

Perhaps you’ve seen colleagues take on larger roles beyond the creative team. Your company is paying more attention to design. You increasingly find yourself in meetings with marketing or operations managers. You’re being asked to contribute in new ways. You’ve had conversations with your supervisor about what’s next for you. Looking like a creative leadership role is in your near future? Embrace it!

9. You’re ready.

Really, you are. The skills you already possess—problem-solving, design thinking, innovation—naturally level up to a creative leadership position. Now you need to overlay new capabilities, like communication and business strategy.

10. You want to tap into your innate talents.

At REACH: Accelerating Creative Leadership, you’ll discover unexpected ways to tap into your innate talents as you take on new power and responsibility in your career. Experts from the corporate design world and beyond will coach you and inspire you. Find out who’s speaking and what’s on the program, and declare yourself ready for an amazing future.

Limited seats remain! Register today before REACH sells out!