Toy Stories

London-based designer and illustrator Aled Lewis decided to challenge himself to make a new image every day in 2011. Part of that project is a series of photo illustrations called “Toy Stories” where Aled photographs actual toys and adds clever/silly text with hilarious results.

The idea really came from visiting toy stores and being really interested in these rigid plastic toys with lots of detail. They’re not the kind of toys I would have liked to play with as a kid – they’re much to inanimate and apart from the odd exotic and fantasy creature – most of them are very banal and uninteresting – but it’s that banality that adds to the humour. I guess it started when I was imagining the more mundane farm animal meeting fantastical creatures and I figured because they are so detailed they would photograph really nicely. The first one in this set (Show-off) is exactly that – A unicorn parading in front of a group of ‘regular’ horses. The rest of the photo set really stemmed from that when I began to see new possibilities and new narratives with other figures. It’s been a really fun way to express my sense of humour and I’m enjoying the ‘theatre’ element of arranging them in the photograph frame – experimenting with the most effective way to convey each idea.

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