Foral Font Family: Tuesday Type Treat

Foral is an eight-weight typeface, ranging from Light to Extra Bold with matching italics, designed by Rui Abreu, a Portuguese type/graphic designer.

Foral started in late 2006, intended to be a clean, sober, and versatile slab serif typeface. It ended up taking almost 4 years in the making, working on and off, back and forth. Because it took this long, it became a kind of a background project, with letterforms slowly being sculpted. It started as a rigid and geometric design, but during this long period it developed into a more organic and balanced typeface, as it moved away from the initial modularity. Foral maintains its geometric concept, but with harmonized proportions and polished forms.

The type family was baptized Foral short after the design started. The portuguese name Foral or Carta de Foral was a royal document that regulated the administration, borders and privileges of a certain land area, centuries ago. Because of this bureaucratic nature the name, Foral suited this text typeface.