Tuesday Type Treat: 1800’s Woodtype Fonts

New from Veer: Dharma Slab and Dharma Gothic are inspired  by 1800s woodtype with a heavy dash of nostalgia. Both font families have 42 styles that are suited for posters, headlines and titling and anywhere you need impact.

About the designer:
Ryoichi Tsunekawa was born in 1978 in Nagoya, Japan. Since his childhood, he has always had an interest in paintings, art and design, especially abstract forms such as geometric repeating patterns. At university, he majored in architecture. After graduating with an MA, he worked in Tokyo as an architect and engineer. When doing presentations on architectural designs, he would often worry about what font to use in order to make the presentation more appealing. He remembers staring at catalogues from foundries all over the world. Sometimes he would design his own fonts in the end. In 2005 he started his own foundry to provide more attractive and eye-catching fonts to designers around the world.