Detroit Font System: Tuesday Type Treat

Designed by Match & Kerosene, Detroit is a 12-font system that is meant to be layered to create titling effects typically used by skilled sign painters.

Unlike other display fonts, Detroit is not a “one trick pony” that produces the same effect over and over. Detroit’s layer combinations give you complete control in producing styles like inline, outline, collegiate, drop shadow, 3D, convex, and bevel. It’s sturdy gothic “gaspipe” base can be used alone and/or allows you to plot out titles and adjust leading, kerning, and alternates. Each font contains the same metrics, so when your title is set, copy and paste-in-place to create layers of different weights/styles to build out your desired effect. Some fonts are clearly dependent on layer stacks to create desired effects, which is why certain fonts in this family are not available for individual sale.

via Design Work Life