Karol (Serif Font): Tuesday Type Treat

Karol is a new type family published by Type-Ø-Tones, which comes in four different weights (Regular, Semi-Bold, Bold, and Black) with italics of each weight also available. Designed by Daniel Sabino, Karol is supported in 44 languages. While intended for book composition, Karol has a “strong personality” that will carry it into other uses.

Karol bold

With proportions inspired by the renaissance, it has great personality in display sizes without losing delicacy in bodies of text, providing a very comfortable reading and excellent legibility.It is also inspired by wood engraving and by some masters whose work is very calligraphic like Bram de Does, Oldricht Menhart and Rudolph Koch.

Karol has all the indispensable OpenType features for a text typeface like small capitals, different sets of figures, fractions and many others. The old style figures are standard.




Karol emerged from Sabino’s exploration of both historical book typography and calligraphy, which he explains in detail on Blackletra.


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