Sentinel Slab Serif Font: Tuesday Type Treat

The latest useful face from Hoefler & Frere-Jones is a juicy slab serif called Sentinel.

Sentinel was designed to address the many shortcomings of the classical
slab serif. Unbound by traditions that deny italics, by technologies
that limit its design, or by ornamental details that restrict its range
of weights, Sentinel is a fresh take on this useful and lovely style,
offering for the first time a complete family that’s serviceable for
both text and display.

Posted by Megan

0 thoughts on “Sentinel Slab Serif Font: Tuesday Type Treat

  1. Lauren

    Yes, Sentinel is a class act, and the H & F-J fonts all seem full-fledged. But there are other fonts named "sentinel" floating around in the font universe. Nothing like this one … so look before you leap.