Tuesday Type Treat: Classic Grotesque (Sans Serif Font)

Monotype Imaging recently released the 14-font Classic Grotesque typeface suite designed by Rod McDonald. These sans serif fonts are modern and versatile. The designer says, “I’ve used pre-release versions of the family in ads and in books, and they worked remarkably well in both. I can’t think of many places where Classic Grotesque won’t perform well.”

The newest member of the Monotype collection available from Fonts.com, Classic Grotesque was inspired largely by the Monotype Grotesque design released in 1926—additionally borrowing from two other period influences, Venus and Ideal Grotesk. The result is a strong, versatile performer that features seven weights, each with a complementary italic. This modern version of a typeface based on influences from another era will work equally well in ads, books and even on the small screen.

classic grotesque (a sans serif font)

classic grotesque (a sans serif font)

classic grotesque (a sans serif font)

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