FF Dora (Serif Font): Tuesday Type Treat

FF Dora  is a new, serif font from Font Font that works best for smaller size projects, as it was created with editorial design in mind, but it can be used for larger sizes. According to Font Font, the “display style was designed to bring some playfulness in larger sizes.” Available as an OpenType font and webfont, FF Dora comes in Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic and Display.

FF Dora OT Regular

FF Dora OT Regular

Designed by Slávka Pauliková, an independent designer based in in the Netherlands, FF Dora sprang out of her interest in book typography. FontFont discusses FF Dora:

FF Dora began when Slávka Pauliková surveyed the relationship between handwriting and the shape and function of text types during her studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Since its initial stages in 2009, Slávka worked at giving form to her findings, resulting in a blithe and comfortable Roman and an irreverently free-flowing italic. As the weight of the face expands to bold, its contrast increases, leaving room to manage the pen-flicked strokes around its robust counter shapes. For larger sizes, FF Dora retains its most playful face, a compact, modestly sloped black italic with exaggerated chunky terminal detailing, deeply-cut lightwells, and a handwritten personality.

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