Medusa (Script Font): Tuesday Type Treat

When designer Ramiro Espinoza wanted to pay tribute to Spanish calligraphy master Ramón Stirling, he created the script typeface Medusa.

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The starting-off point in the creation of the typeface was an analysis of the historical models of formal English handwriting and the ways in which those styles had been adapted to the typographic technologies of different eras. A representative example of such adaptations involves the group of letters which, in connected scripts, join from near the top of their x-height, namely “b”, “o”, “v” and “w.”

This fancy font works well in a variety of projects where elegance is the primary focus. Think tapas restaurant menus and luxe product packaging for sparkling wines.

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The fantastically ornate capitals were redrawn in order to strike a greater balance and enhance the consistency of the set of letters as a whole. Several swashes and ligatures were also created from scratch. Perhaps the most unusual feature of Medusa is its small caps, which have been carefully designed to produce an all-cap setting that is stylistically harmonious with the classic copperplate script, something which has up to now been missing from this genre of typeface.

This font is part of the ReType Foundry line-up and can be purchased through the website.

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