Notch (Display Font): Tuesday Type Treat

Checking out the newly launched Creative Market, I noticed a lot of fonts designed by Gerren Lamson, whose work I’ve loved for a long time. Turns out he’s part of the site’s launch team, along with Darius Monsef of ColourLovers fame and a bunch of other talented creatives. If you haven’t heard about Creative Market yet, it’s kind of like Etsy but for design content like fonts, templates, icons and more.

Creative Market

I’m digging Lamson’s typeface Notch, a display font with an industrial flavor.

NOTCH is an industrial display typeface with double-notch terminals, two orientations and an inline. It has a modern feel with a hint of the functional, industrial history of the early 20th century and it’s perfect for custom headlines, messaging and other medium-to-large scale design elements. The solid and inline versions each have their own appropriate application, with the inline punch-through adding an interesting way to pull through imagery from behind.

Notch (display font)

Notch display font

Notch display font

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