Novo Family (Display Fonts): Tuesday Type Treat

Novo Family is a collection of 7 display fonts from Novo Typo, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. While each font is distinct from the next, they are meant to be used in combination to create modern, expressive typography. The complete family is available for $156.

Novo Family - display font

Novo Family - display font

Novo Family - display font

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Mastering Typography

Type is at the heart of all forms of visual communication. In this course, instructor Denise Bosler expands upon the foundations of typography, and provides an understanding of type as a means of creating a visual experience. Learn about organization, relationships, composition, message, experimentation and using expressive typography to solve complex visual problems. Relevant design history and theory are examined in relation to these ideas as well. You’ll have the opportunity to broaden your overall understanding of type, and then dig in and push the limits of your typographic creativity!

Course begins 10/1/2012