Sabor (Calligraphy Font): Tuesday Type Treat

Sabor is a fresh display font from Brazilian foundry Intellecta. It’s a little bit script, a little bit calligraphy font, with a whole lot of flavor. OpenType features include 100s of contextual alternates, ornaments and ligatures.

Sabor is a voluptuous upright connected display font with mixed taste of script fonts. There was many inspirations for Sabor, but all starts with a book from 1950’s about the battles of WW II. To that first sketches of a naive dense display typeface we, day by day, start to create a mixed style envolving some lettering concepts from 1950″s, some calligraphy notions and the first display ideas. The feeling of this font is good to be used in many artworks, like logos, packaging, party invitations, layouts for t-shirts, magazine headings, and much more, from websites to and all kind of printed jobs.

Sabor (calligraphy font)

Sabor (calligraphy font)

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