‘Twitterview’ with Dyana Valentine

We asked the fantastic Dyana Valentine (meet her, and you’ll understand the adjective) to do a live Q&A today on Twitter. Dyana is leading an interactive workshop/session at next week’s InHOWse Designer Conference on networking and collaborating. You can catch the whole stream of questions, answers and comments from the audience on Twitterfall. Follow @HOWbrand on Twitter.

Here’s a recap of our Q&A, in the 140-character Twitter style:

First, tell us a bit about yourself, in just 140 characters.

Tagline: I help self-starters learn to self-finish: one project at a time.

Translation: getting people excited and re-framing their struggles into strategies that make the world a better place!

Love your tagline. What mostly keeps self-starters from finishing? Lack of time/energy/focus/motivation?

Great ?, it’s different for everyone, but often the mistaken thought that if a self-starter, we must also be self-finishers!

My dream: we’ll change the way we “complain” about work & lives. Would b amazing if we shifted it 2 OKAY, what next? GameON.

Speaking from personal exp, sometimes lots of little frustrations pile up @ work. How 2 get past that to GameON?

I can dig gripe logjams.my 1st question is ALWAYS: are the frustrations getting in my way or will they serve the mission?

If they aren’t: ditch them (with pride and aplomb); if they are serving: how can I make them fun and easy?

What are you working on right now that you’re really excited about?

On the edge of my seat for the inHOWse (no that isn’t gratuitous!) next week; new collab game idea; radical revamps

Super cool clients: authors, fashion designer, creative director, venture capitalist–absolutely bounding out of bed daily!

We luv your identity … .@rdqlus_creative created it after you met at last year’s #CFConf, right?

Ohhh! @rdqlus_creative took me fr back-stage understudy 2 limelit DyVa; seriously–get RDQLUS today–& thank your lucky stars.

Give us a tip on how in-house designers can get better connected w/their creative peers.

Similar to conf. connecting: ask for what you want, give freely of what you can, ask superstars for meetings and follow up!

We also had some questions from the audience.

From groove5mith: What strategies do you use to help people ‘self-finish’?

Translation: just the right combo of nosy, whip-cracky and practical prowess to bring out the best in my clients’ work.

From thespitfiregirl: My business is really growing & i think i’d like to get a partner to share responsiblities & grow the biz. But HOW do i find them?

Find out what you really want in a collaborator: skills, values, style. Make a list. They will come.

From ealvarezgibson: How do you turn away a client without looking like a jerk?

Ahhh, good 1! You never look like a jerk if you are choosing to do what you do best–if u can’t do it w/them, DON’T.

From lsvdesign: How do you keep from getting overwhelmed with a new idea/project? Esp. when you’re short on time.

Break that sucker down. Map time available, chunk it up, match tasks to chunks. Ask for help if you need it.

From melanieo: How can one stay motivated daily when working on a long-term project?

Ohhh, those long projects can be doozies, huh? I am a fan of rewards, hot fudge, and also accountability partners.

From PassionJourney: How do you proceed when you feel completely overwhlemed?

Tough one–if truly completely overwhelmed–change of scenery. post it, pen, walk til you sweat–c what shakes loose.

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