Type Directors Club Shares Winning Designs: Fons Hickmann’s Judge’s Choice Pick

This year the Type Directors Club is celebrating its 65th anniversary. The TDC typography competition was established 57 years ago and is still the world’s premier showcase for beautiful typography. Last year this unique design competition attracted over 1,500 entries from 32 countries. Every month, the Type Directors Club will be sending us one of the judge’s picks to share on the HOW blog. So check back often to see the best examples of great typography. Designing with type is one of the most cost-effective design solutions, but it takes a real master to craft amazing typography. Here’s this month’s judges’ pick:

Fons Hickmann’s Type Directors Club Judge’s Pick

Have you heard the story of the animal experiment in which they tested whether sharks could differentiate colors, and if so, what their favorite was? First, the scientists laid out colored baits. The sharks immediately ate everything and did not care if the food was green, blue, or red. Then the sharks were given a choice: two identical baits, but in different colors. One shark examined the first, then the second bleeding delicacy. Both were equally appetizing, but he had to choose one. Then something strange happened: the shark swam away. Hungry. Apparently, the choice had completely overwhelmed him. But why didn’t he just eat both?

I admit that for my Judge’s Choice I could not decide, and in the end picked three works. This fantastic poster triptych from Japan is even more stunning when you see the original, foil-stamped and printed in special glowing inks. Then later in the book, the amazing typographic gloves, which would be a very good present for my daughter. And the book Post Porn Politics, for my girlfriend perhaps . . .

TDC Design Competition WinnerDESIGN: Ren Takaya, Tokyo
CLIENTs: Bihaku Watanabe Company and Tsujikawa Co., Ltd.
PRINCIPAL TYPE: Helvetica Neue Light
DIMENSIONS: 20.3 × 28.7 in.

TDC Design Competition Winner Statement

This work was created for Hot Stamp Processing Company (Bihaku Wabanabe Company) to promote their new foil processing technology. It is designed to raise awareness of Fluorescent Foil and experiment with new ways of using an old method. The work familiarizes the public with those new methods, and increases the value of the two-dimensional media. Fluorescent Foil has its own unique characteristics. It expresses depth and lends itself to modeling.

Learn more about the Type Directors Club and see more amazing typography in the TDC book Typography32.

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