Typographic Anagrams

Designer Gerren Lamson likes to experiment. His latest pairs simple anagrams with gorgeous hand drawn type:

A year ago, I dyed a lot of archival paper in tea baths for a series called Venn by Pen. At the end of 2011, I pulled more of the tea-dyed paper out to start another experiement called Anamonograms.

The idea for this series was created from a simple 2-step process. 1) Search for a meaningful Anagram, which is a set of letters that can be used to spell out two or more words. Look for Anagrams that have a nice juxtaposition of meaning between the two words. 2) Loosely or tightly lock-up individual hand-drawn letters to create a series of monograms that make up the two-word illustrative piece.

So far, I’ve produced 4 of these, and I think there are more to come. They are a great exploratory exercise in layout and interconnected lettering styles. To see the high-res versions, head over to my Flickr here. Enjoy!

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