Unpackaged: A Store Redesign

Since Earth day is today, a look at the redesign of an environmentally friendly store seems appropriate. Unpackaged, an organic grocery, bar and café located in London, underwent a recent redesign to focus on their eco-friendly tendencies.

16Unpackaged_905To reduce the amount of waste produced from “unnecessary” packaging, Unpackaged sells their wares without packaging. To do so, Unpackaged features dispensers that allows customers to readily fill their own containers and to return to Unpackaged for re-fills. Multistorey, a creative direction and design firm, worked on the redesign along with several other designers to make the physical store reflect its founder’s philosophy.

Multistorey explains on their website:

Our visual keys were a utilitarian 1950s pre-supermarket era of local grocers and busy high streets; coupled with Mediterranean café influences, inspired by the Spanish food and wine at the core of chef Kate de Syllas’ menu. This is manifested in our palette of rich ochre, inky and duck-egg blues, dusky coral with more vibrant tomato red, sunflower yellow and turmeric.

03Unpackaged_905Multistorey used three main materials to update the store and to “create abstracted booths and visual breaks between the 40+ seats and tables, bringing intimacy to the originally quite cavernous space.” Unpackaged definitely has an inviting, old-school feel. The creative firm also updated the logo and decided to use a typeface that matched the store face architecture.



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