Untitled Part 2

The PR firm for the newly titled Untitled magazine got in touch to give us an update about the publication:

Formerly known as C A R S O N Magazine, Untitled Magazine will relaunch with a new name, beginning with its “Power and Conspiracy” issue, due in October. Despite the name change, Untitled will continue to bring its unconventional and unique approach to editorial and layout. With featured columnists, thought-provoking content, and bold design choices,  Untitled’s experimental attitude connects its trendsetting, avant-garde, artistic community of readers. Touted as the literary magazine for people who don’t like to read literary magazines, Untitled is an escape from the traditional and offers a fresh take on art, style, pop culture, and design.

“It’s not just a magazine, it’s a snapshot of what’s going on in culture now. You don’t just read it and throw it away, you want to keep it on your coffee table and share it with your friends. It’s a great conversation starter and gets people thinking differently about culture and what’s going on in the world”, said Alex Storch, Editor-in-Chief of Untitled.