HOW Design Live: Art in Motion

In the Resource Center at last month’s HOW Design Live in Chicago, Appleton Coated’s Utopia Paper brand collaborated with artist Molly Z. to create a huge mural. Molly Z. worked freehand, over the course of 3 days, to produce the massive illustration. Interrupted Media created a time-lapse video of the process:

Watch the video:



Molly Z. for Utopia Paper from Interrupted Media on Vimeo.

0 thoughts on “HOW Design Live: Art in Motion

  1. Robin DeLisle

    I am a graphic design student at Full Sail University and one of our assignments for Digital Storytelling is to find a post on a website about GD and then we have to write a post on the class site. I chose this one because I was so fascinated by the entire process and think it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!!!