Veer Fans, Listen Up

Veer this week announced a “Free For All” sweepstakes for the creative community, where there’s lots of free stuff to be had. Starting on Monday, November 1, will offer a free download … the more people that download the freebie, the more goodies will be offered. If enough users download Monday’s offering of free images, that “unlocks” a second download, which is a free font … and so on, with three giveaways throughout the week. (It’s a little complicated, so bear with us.) If enough people download the third freebie, then everyone who participated during the week is eligible for a weekly grand prize drawing.

The sweepstakes runs for 4 weeks in November, and the Week 4 grand prize is an around-the-world trip with American Airlines. The stock image and type company encourages its users to spread word about the contest via their social media networks so participation is high enough to unlock prizes. Visit for a list of rules and prizes.

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