Venture Illustration Postcards from Red Nose Studio

Although my love of postcards has been well documented on this blog (here, here and here) and others (here), I am no less excited when a new and interesting batch makes it to my desk. This time around, I was completely enamored with the Venture series of illustration postcards from Red Nose Studio and Magnet Reps.

Ascend Venture Postcard from Red Nose Studio

You may recognize Rose Nose Studio’s creative force Chris Sickels‘ work from the “Journeys” travel edition of “The New Yorker.” He is responsible for the running visuals featuring one of his trademarked red-nosed characters. The oddball puppet whose adventures climbing a mountaintop, flying an airplane and drifting in a gondola is the inspiration for “The New Yorker” illustrations and the postcards. The series was so well-received, it went on to gain recognition from “American Illustration” and snag a spot in the “American Illustration 32” annual.

Drift Venture Postcard from Red Nose Studio

The Venture postcard series is meant to encourage audiences to seek their own adventures and set out on their own travels. Turn over the 3D illustration on the front, and you’ll find a simple command such as “drift” for the gondola adventure card or “explore” for one in which our character uses a weather vane to find his way. After all, the message explaining the series says, “the timeless spirit of these illustrations reminds us that the journey can be more important than the destination.” I couldn’t agree more!

Explore Venture Postcard from Red Nose Studio


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