Vote On Monopoly’s New Piece Designs

Here’s one for the annals of game design: Hasbro is retiring one classic Monopoly piece and adding a new one to the mix and they’re leaving it up to players to vote. So far the wheelbarrow isn’t faring so well, while the dog is looking pretty safe. What would you add to the collection: a cat, a ring, a robot, a helicopter or a guitar? Voting is open until February 5.

classic monopoly pieces

classic Monopoly pieces

Potential new Monopoly pieces

2 thoughts on “Vote On Monopoly’s New Piece Designs

  1. patidee

    this campaign to VOTE for the piece that will be RETIRED is BULLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! i have been voting to KEEP the *SHOE* since the BEginning of this BULLSHIZ story [been voting EVERY day for weekssssss] and the number of votes to keep the SHOE have NOT BUDGED >>> what a BULLSHIZ story <<< so we KNOW Hasboro has ALready chosen the one to be retired and has ALready picked the *NEW* one … you have CRUSHed my loyalty.