VSA Partners Acquires Tender Creative

Exciting news out of Chicago and New York for the design industry:

VSA Partners has announced that they have acquired ownership of Tender Creative, a New York based digital creative agency. Tender Creative has had a strong emphasis in digital design and development and worked on branding solutions for Estee Lauder, Fontainebleau Resorts and MoMA.

VSA Partners

VSA and Tender Creative have shared Nike as a client and, eight years ago, worked to rebrand Converse.

In VSA’s attempt to expand and accelerate their digital and brand marketing capabilities and their presence in New York, Dana Arnett, CEO of VSA Partners says “Tender enhances our ability to deliver fully integrated strategic and creative services that very few agencies are able to operationalize in a holistic manner.”

Joining these two companies seems to be the perfect fit. They’ve already worked together and each company is able to compliment the other in what they can bring to the table.

Tender’s co-founder Dean Di Simone is now Partner, Executive Director, of VSA’s New York office. “We are thrilled and motivated by what we’re building together and look forward to shaping the way people see, think about, interact with and experience brands in bigger and more impactful ways,” he says.