We Are Tangerine Designs Cool Business Cards

Cool business cards can set you apart from the crowd, but as a designer, there is a lot of pressure to create an striking card. It also doesn’t help that there are seemingly endless options, from inks to color palettes to papers. That’s why when a certain stack of cards catches my eye from the endless examples that pour into the HOW Design Editorial e-mail inbox, I take note.

We Are Tangerine business card design

The latest success story? We Are Tangerine‘s super cool business cards. Sales director Matt Hobbs explained the design by saying:

They are very unusual in the fact that they are printed duplex on 350gsm Colorset to make a 700gsm card, engraved and black foil blocked. To finish off, we had a Pantone 311 painted edge put on them. The supplier we chose to print these was Downey, and they print for the queen. Even they said they haven’t seen a business card like this for some time!

cool business card design

The foil blocked touches on the black engraved logo over a black background is a nice touch. The use of color is also perfect for highlighting important information and standing out from the Rolodex. Although a more tangerine color would have been an obvious default choice, I like that Tangerine went with something far from the vivid orange spectrum.

If you like the work Tangerine did with their business cards, you are sure to enjoy their project for construction company Oakwood Build. It uses similar color-on-black elements for a truly stunning design. All of Tangerine’s completed work can be easily viewed on its new website.


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