We Love a Story with a Happy End

When we first talked to this year’s Promotion Design Awards Best of Show winner, he was doing what a lot of people have been doing lately: looking for a new job.

Kenny Barela targeted agencies around the country, sometimes hand-delivering a cardboard mailing tube that’s inner contents left the HOW staff saying “Dang! Someone should hire Kenny.”

Left, take a closer look at this project and see what its inner contents reveal.

And they did. His résumé package generated serious interest, and since the September 2010 issue of HOW went to print, which features 107 award-winning promotional projects, Kenny has updated us that he has a new job. Kenny reports: “I’m now working as an art director at Motive. I love it!  I guess you could say the promo was a success!”

Although there’s no magic formula for self-promotion success, what’s key is to discover your style. Refine it. Find your boundaries. And then push them.

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