Weapons of Mass Creation Announces Speakers, Bands

When founder Jeff Finley first decided to create his own fest, he sketched out three requirements: held in his hometown, not expensive and catered to his primary interests (art, music and entrepreneurship). The result was Weapons of Mass Creation, a design-conference-slash-music-festival combination event in Cleveland, OH that costs $75 (if you miss the early bird special of $65) for a three-day pass. For $25 a day, you get access to 20 speakers, 20 designers and 30-plus bands (and two break dancing competitions—one for adults and one for kids).

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Still not convinced you want to spend August 16-18th at the Cleveland Public Theatre this year? Check out the lineups. This year’s speakers include:

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As for the can’t-miss band performances? Look forward to the sounds of:

For the full list of speakers and bands, check out the WMC homepage. Think the guest lists are pretty cool? Send some love to the festival by attending, volunteering or donating some dollars—every little bit helps.

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If you read Melissa’s post yesterday, you know that this event is in its third year and is still trying to break even on expenses. That’s right. The people behind WMC are so passionate about its success that they’ve been shouldering many of the programming costs for the past three years. This passion alone is a wonderful reason to attend. After all, how could you not be inspired by such creative drive? Melissa and I will be attending, and we can’t wait to meet you there.


Are you so in love with design events that you need something to attend prior to WMC in August? Be sure to make an appearance at HOW Design Live beginning June 22. Sign up to attend today.