Web Font Fun

Now that the world of Web fonts has exploded, designers have more type choices than ever. FontFuse is fun community site where designers can create type pairings and get feedback from fellow creatives about their choices.

Blue Collar Interactive developed the concept for the FontFuse website to help Extensis gain awareness for WebINK, a web font service that offers more than 2,000 high-quality fonts from 14 type foundries. Realizing that this newfound depth of fonts available on the web has made finding the right fonts more interesting and challenging for designers, Blue Collar intended to solve these challenges by creating a resource that would allow for font exploration and social sharing of font selections. FontFuse allows web designers and developers to explore the Extensis WebINK library, and then use tools to quickly create their own typeface pairs. Site visitors can explore, create, share and comment on the typeface pairs and easily license the fonts that they’d like to use for their own design projects.

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