What Makes A Good Art Director?

Illustrator’s Rep Scott Hull asked a talented group of creatives what makes a great art director. Here are just a few of the answers:

“What makes a good art director? A tenuous balance of humility and passion”. –Adele

“A good art director is one who can sell a good idea to
an editor. A good art director is one who knows a good idea when he
sees one. A good art director is one who hires me.” ☺ – Curtis Parker

“Was it Ogilvy who said ‘Always hire people
(smarter/better) than you are? Aspire to be the dumbest person in the
room.’ Plus I’d add that wisdom is worth more than raw intelligence.” –Brian

“Star Trek Analogy: We are the creative Federation,
Collaborating with Klingon warriors to vanquish the Borg of assimilated
ideas, leveraging marketing with Vulcan precision, and all the while
making our clients’ Ferengi bean counters satisfied with an increase of
gold-plated latinum.” –Von Glitschka

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Posted by Megan