What The Tweet?

HOW Blog is teaming up with Tomsuey Tees for a limited time T-shirt giveaway. All you have to do is jump on the HOW Forum and share your thoughts by commenting on the thread to the following: To Tweet or Not to Tweet (and why you love or hate twitter)?

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From there, we’ll select three winners (two from the HOW Forum, one from Twitter) and share your answers on the HOW Blog. Post your comment by Wednesday, Aug. 12. Winners will be announced Thursday, Aug. 13.

Tomsuey Tees is a new venture for the creative duo based out of NYC known as Tomsuey. Both Tom McGhee (Photographer) and Sue McGhee (Designer) have dreamed of creating a Tee range for sometime, just waiting for the right opportunity to come along with the right message to send out.

Now, with their limited edition Tweet range of tees, Tomsuey is making a statement on the current social networking trend twitter, highlighting the true disconnection of those not on the bandwagon (bandwith) of social messaging and all under 140 characters!

(Images: 1. Tasty Tweet:Blacky the crow loves nothing better than
chomping on tweety bones and
spitting out those pesky feathers. He really is a nice chap once you
get him talking. 2. Feed Me Me: The name says it all: Don’t feed the me
me bird with mindless crap, look up speak and free the park benches
from these corporate pests. 3. Tweet Who?: Introducing our little mate
Freddy the Owl, Freddy don’t give a hoot about those “me me” twits, he
just wants to have a friend to talk to. Will you be his friend?)

Posted by Jessie