What to Bring to Denver

My list-making tendencies go into full gear when I’m preparing for travel. So, a week away from my trip to Denver for the HOW Conference I’m jotting down all the things I need to take (including my iPad, which I’m using to create this post as a test-drive of the WordPress app). Lists are my savior; seriously, you have no idea how many times I’ve forgotten business cards. I’ll share a few essentials you might consider adding to your own checklist:

Business cards. Lots of them. Plan to give them all away. While you’re at it, grab a cool card holder.

A water bottle. Sure, you can purchase bottled water in Denver, but you’ll want to keep super-hydrated at altitude, and it’ll be easier (and more environmentally minded) to refill frequently than to buy more.

A game plan. With five or six sessions going on at any time, you’ll want to focus on the sessions of most interest to you. Plan ahead so you can avoid having to make those choices in the brief time between sessions. And remember: If you’re in a presentation and it’s not doing it for you, you’re free to duck out and find another.

An outfit for the Whitespace Party. The big Tuesday night bash calls for all-white attire.

An open mind and a big smile. ‘Nuff said.

0 thoughts on “What to Bring to Denver

  1. Stephanie

    Water is essential! I often travel to CO, and my advice would be to start drinking water even before you get on the plane & to bring aspirin. The dehydration can kick your butt if you aren’t on top of it. Thanks for this list — I would’ve come with no white clothes!

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  3. Sarah Whitman

    May I add a thing or two? Definitely bring a sweater or a light jacket. The temps in the meeting rooms can vary dramatically and it’s impossible to get it just right for everyone. And bring comfy shoes!

  4. Eric Hines

    Few More things from a Denver Transplant…

    Light jacket, They say if you don’t like the weather in Colorado to “wait 30 minutes”. Mornings are typically cold and then really warm during the day (tank-top warm).

    Walking Shoes, Denver leverages outdoor lifestyle with their shopping malls. A lot of the shopping is outdoors via walking malls. *Quick tip! The conference will be near the 16th street mall, a large section of 16th street is blocked to regular traffic and the buses are free to travel the length of the mall.

    Sketchbook & Writing Utensil. Some of us have this readily available all the time, make it a common practice at the conference.

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