What We’ve Learned

At the Creative Freelancer Conference in San Diego last week, hosts Ilise Benun, Peleg Top and I wrapped up the program by asking freelancers in the audience what they’d learned during those two days. Peleg recorded video and edited the clips together. Among my favorite “What I’ve learned” comments:

“It’s a lonely occupation. I’ve had more conversation with my pets than I’ve had with people in certain weeks. It’s great to know that there IS a network of people out there. This conference made me excited to be a freelancer.”

“It’s been a great experience coming two years in a row. I got to see how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve learned … and how far I have to go.”

“There’s still work out there, and I think that’s great, because I’ve been a little paranoid for the past six months or so. This gives me hope.”

Posted by Bryn