What’s In Your Wallet

Curious about what other designers are earning? (Sure you are.) HOW is preparing our every-other-year Design Salary Report, and we need your help!

We’re polling creatives to take a snapshot of designers’ paychecks and perks, and we’ll report on our findings in the November/December issue of HOW. We’ll outline salaries for creative positions in regions across the U.S. and also compare raises, bonuses and benefits. (Read the 2008 Design Salary Reportto see what it’s all about.)

You want that salary info—and we want your help compiling it. Please participate in our 2010 Design Salary Survey by July 1. It’ll take just a few moments of your time, and you’ll be contributing to this important effort to gauge the design marketplace for salaries, benefits, bonuses and other perks.

Please take the Design Salary Survey now, while you’re thinking about it! Your fellow creatives will thank you for it.