Whitespace is a new quarterly event series for Chicago creatives that kicks off on August 18 with a panel on the role of sketching in the creative process.

Works in Progress: Examining the Sketchbook
Focusing on the role of sketching in the creative process, we’ll examine its use across disciplines, how it affects our work, our communication, and ourselves. The event will include a panel discussion with noted Chicago artists, some light sketching (attendees are encouraged to bring and share their sketchbooks) and time to chill out and meet other creative folks.

Meet the Panelists
Max Sansing
Max is a painter, muralist and teacher. With roots in street art,  he’s refined his craft over the years and traded tags and spraycans for brushes and oil paint.

Mig Reyes
Threadless designer, illustrator, speaker, interviewer, winner of Layer Tennis Season 3. Mig wears a heckuva lot of hats—and always with his inimitable style.

Megan Milks
Experimental fiction writer, PhD candidate, and co-editor of arts and culture magazine Mildred Pierce, Megan is an alchemist of genres and an agitator of norms.

Details + Registration
Thursday, Aug.18th, 2011

Citigroup Center
500 W. Madison
Suite 1 (Red glass doors)
Chicago, IL 60661
Register at: www.whitespaceseries.com