Why Designers Should Learn To Draw

If you missed Von Glitschka’s session at HOW Design Live, Drawing Conclusions: How Drawing Improves Design, he’ll now be presenting it as a live design tutorial on July 19, at 2:00 pm EST. (Get the details.)

HOW: How do you think drawing helps in the development of really creative ideas and concepts?


Von Glitschka: Ideas are best developed in analog; working through visual problem solving via drawing is far more efficient and flexible than noodling on a computer. A designer should know what they’re going to create before they attempt to create it. Have you ever been sketching and decide that maybe an illustration, or hand-drawn element IS the idea? Being flexible to ideas at every stage is fine. But drawing will enable you to develop ideas that need an illustrative flair. The more you draw the better equipped you’ll be to pull off a wider range of design possibilities.

Von Glitschka, a self–proclaimed illustrative designer, focuses on the relationship between design and illustration, working with Microsoft, Pepsi, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Major League Baseball, General Motors, Cranium, PetSmart and more. His distinctive graphics have appeared in Communication Arts, Graphis, American Illustration and Logo Lounge II, III and IV. Glitschka has spoken at the HOW Design Conference and Adobe MAX, he teaches design at Chemetka College in Salem, Oregon, and he’s the author of Flourish Banner Frame and Crumble Crackle Burn.

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One thought on “Why Designers Should Learn To Draw

  1. Mark

    I could not agree more with “Ideas are best developed in analog”. And as such drawing can help you convert your visuals into something that brings out real solutions in timely manner.