Why the HOW Conference?

Why ANY design conference, for that matter? Why attend? What’s the big deal?

FOH Jeni Herberger answers those questions on her blog.

I’m often asked, “Why the HOW Conference? Why any conference for that matter?” … First of all, the general idea behind attending an industry conference is two-fold: to stay plugged in and to recharge. Industry conferences offer an element of newness and insight into what’s current in the industry and where the industry is going in the future. Besides, you’ve got to get out of the office and see what is going on outside of your cubicle walls.

Most importantly, you have to connect with like-minded individuals who understand your profession, deal with many of the same issues and can encourage you to grow in your skills. The HOW Conference has a community vibe that isn’t present in most of the conferences I’ve attended.

Read more of Jeni’s post here, and catch her edition of TalkStory, recorded live during the HOW Conference in Denver earlier this month.

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