Winners of 2ND SKIN Mask Contest Are Announced

A far cry from wearing a paper bag over one’s head, the winners of the 2ND SKIN mask contest from Curious Collection took paper art and design to the next level. Out of 440 entrants from six continents and 30 countries, a panel of judges narrowed the winning masks down to just 20 selections. Olivia Frémineau from France won the top prize with her colorfully patterned creation.

Olivia Frémineau, France_1st Prize

My mask is inspired by a silk scarf. The pattern was realized as a mosaic of paper, created in a way that once in position it reveals two eyes. When it is put down, the mask goes flat. I liked the idea that this plane surface has volume once it is put on.

Rhoslyn Butler, a set stylist, props and costume maker for the photography and film industry from the U.K., wowed the judges with her peek-a-boo design.

Rhoslyn Butler_UK_2nd Prize

The 2nd SKIN competition posed the challenge of exploiting the material beyond the obvious. The paper mask is based on a traditional method of bamboo scaffolding construction widely used in Asia. The non- Cartesian pole structure remains strong yet light, allowing the façade to remain visible whilst the work goes on or the wearer constructs a new identity.

The third place winner, Fine and Applied Arts Division of Mahidol University student Yanin Vaseenon from Thailand, won the Special Audience Prize with 4,691 peer votes.

Yanin Vaseenon, Thailand_Special Audience Prize

My inspiration for this mask came from a helmet of an historical warrior of Thailand, combined with a Thai theatrical crown called ‘Cha-Da.’

The top three winners claimed artwork from the Curious Collection’s ambassadors: Japanese artist Kako Ueda, punk culture icon Kriki and French artistic duo Bonsoir Paris. Winners four through 12 took home Lomo La Sardina & Flash DIY Cameras, and winners 13 through 20 got “Creative Review” magazine subscriptions. The full list of winners is as follows:

4th – Eleonora Orsini, Italy
5th – Vaiva Braskute, Lithuania
6th – Fabien Rousseau – Studio Ole, Belgium
7th – Jeremy Louvencourt, France
8th – Adrien Roubens, Belgium
9th – Kiki Peeters, Netherlands
10th – Greta Zokaityte, Lithuania
11th – Reyna Maria Arguelles Flores, Mexico
12th – Michael Velliquette, USA
13th – Aleksandra Nowicka, Poland
14th – Zim & Zou, France
15th – Shannon Eberhard, USA
16th – Gintare Baryzaite, Lithuania
17th – Silvia Kovacova, Slovakia
18th – Fitgi Saint-Louis, USA
19th – Marion Riguera, France
10th – Otilija Morozaite, Lithuania

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