Women In Advertising: The 3% Conference

Women are still under-represented in many areas of the creative industry, but the problem is striking in advertising, where marketers are speaking mainly to female consumers, but only 3% of creative directors in advertising are women. Enter The 3% Conference, an event designed to address the issue of women in advertising and create change for the future of the industry.

The 3% Conference: A First-Ever Event for Female Creative Directors will be held in San Francisco on Sept. 27, 2012. Despite the fact that female consumers influence upwards of 70% of consumer spending, only 3% of advertising creative directors are women. This fact is often cited as the reason that over 90% of women surveyed feel marketers don’t understand them (Greenfield Online Survey). In a world where ad dollars have to work harder than ever, brands know they cannot woo the gatekeepers of $4.3 trillion of spending using messaging crafted – or green-lighted – almost solely by men.

Speakers include:

·         Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Writer, Director, Producer, Miss Representation
·         Cindy Gallop, founder and CEO of IfWeRantheWorld
·         Barbara Lippert, Long-time Ad Critic, Adweek
·         Will Burns, Founder and CEO of Ideasicle
·         Christine Bronstein, Founder of A Band of Wives
·         Ale Lariu, CEO of Shout and co-founder of SheSays
·         Margaret Johnson, Executive Creative Director/Associate Partner, Goodby Silverstein
·         Cynthia Maller, Global Creative Director, PayPal
·         Christie Cordes, Founder + Owner, Ad Recruiter
·         Paige Grossman, Creative Director, Riney
·         Kari Niles, Creative Director, Razorfish
·         Mary Alderete, VP Global Brand Marketing, Levi’s
·         Jean Grow, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Marquette University

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