“Wood and Pulp” Found Materials Exhibition Opens Saturday

You may have caught wind of the “Wood and Pulp” exhibition featuring the work of Damion Silver and Scotty Albrecht. Whether you have or haven’t, the artwork these two artists create from found materials is worth checking out.

"Bloom" made of found materials

“Bloom” made of found materials

Presented by Colab, “Wood and Pulp” opens this Saturday, May 25th and will run until June 23rd in Brookyln.As the name implies, the pieces in this exhibition combine wood and paper, resulting in colorful assemblages and collages.

The color, especially the deep black, and the fact that they are constructed out of paper, remind me of old comics. Perhaps, Damion Silver’s experience working as an animation inker has influenced some of these pieces.




"Not Pieces"

“Not Pieces”

Both artists have a background in design. Damion Silver, a self-taught artist, has also put his hands to work making cabinets, and even doing foundry work. Scotty Albrecht is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer who also is a self-taught woodworker and hand-drawn typography enthusiast, and he uses these techniques in combination with modern style.

"The Balance of Opposites"

“The Balance of Opposites”



Although they use similar materials, the artists’ approach to how they combine them and the sense of balance differs. As the Colab project explains, the found materials are “imbued with their own past memory and meaning, take on a personal significance in the resulting work.”

As with all found material projects, each piece says something new out of something old.



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