Making Lemonade: Worldwide Breast Cancer Project

Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont is a designer from Idaho living and working in London. She lost both of her grandmothers to breast cancer and decided to use her skills as a designer to communicate the signs that women should look out for in an easy-to-understand way that would cross language and cultural barriers.

This work is part of my Worldwide Breast Cancer project, a doctoral study on information design in breast cancer detection. It was found that communicating the signs of breast cancer was difficult, because it was either communicated through words which wasn’t very easy to visualize, or through line drawings which still didn’t show enough detail. Instead, I used lemons as a visual metaphor to represent the breast, that I could then use to communicate detailed information about the signs of breast cancer. These visuals have been used in North America, Europe and Asia and can be displayed publicly without censorship.

Visit Worldwide Breast Cancer for free downloadable posters and leaflets, social media tools, and information on acquiring printed materials.

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0 thoughts on “Making Lemonade: Worldwide Breast Cancer Project

  1. Katherine O'Brien

    I am not a designer but I am a long time observer of the graphic arts world and one of 150,000 US people living with metastatic breast cancer.

    I think Corrine did an AWESOME job with this initiative–clearly a lot of thought and work went into this project. I like the visuals and I really applaud the designer’s selflessness–she didn’t put herself centerstage.

    Great job!