Write a Love Letter to Artist Matthew Rose

I hope you join me in writing a love letter to the American artist Matthew Rose for his upcoming exhibition “The Letters” at the Converge Gallery. From now until August 25th, the gallery will collect love notes or “letters of care” on behalf of Rose. But let me warn you: Visitors can take an unopened letter with them. So, you may want to restrain your romantic musings a bit (or not). And every love letter will be stamped with a special logo for the exhibition.


Rose explains why he is asking for letters:

Unopened love letters touching upon all notions of love – unrequited, fulfilled, missed, forgotten, ongoing, funny, sad, tragic – would be a beautiful homage not just to love but to writing, that somewhat lost art we all used to be engaged in. Largely anonymous, the letters will connect people in an abstract way, and the tension evoked will be potent and mysterious. It’s not unlike finding a love letter in an old library book.  Those emotions are universal and powerful.

Rose is known for his collage work (such as the “Vote Lincoln” piece) and large mail art exhibitions. You may also be familiar with his global project “A Book About Death,” which is an ongoing art exhibition on the subject of death.

"Vote Lincoln" by Matthew Rose

“Vote Lincoln” by Matthew Rose

For “The Letters,” Rose turns from the somber subject of death to the (sometimes somber) subject of love. Rose’s exhibition will include various types of letters and notes (such as suicide notes in cast-away bottles) that focus on different subjects, like love, death, and the National Rifle Association. It will also include “Matthew Rose: The Letters,” a 10-volume set of books.

The Letters” will be open from July 5th to August 31st. Here’s where we can send the love:MATTHEW ROSE, c/o Converge Gallery, 140 West Fourth Street, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 17701.

Time to break out some stationary and horribly awesome poetry for the sake of art.




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