Write Off Your Conference Expenses

Yeah, we know that taxes aren’t? (isn’t?) the super-sexiest topic. But if you’re a freelancer, managing your tax burden is paramount to your financial health.

So this is big: Self-employed creatives can deduct many of their expenses related to professional development. In a new blog post, June Walker, author of Self Employed Tax Solutions explains how. Here’s a snippet:

As a freelancer in these tough economic times your vacation has
likely been put on hold. Any of your money that’s not going to living
necessities is probably going toward a work search rather than airfare
to an island destination.

Well, here’s a way to get a change of scenery and acquire more tools
to expand your earning potential. Let Uncle Sam and his state taxing
cousins foot the bill for about one-third the cost of the Creative
Freelancer Conference in San Diego.

Yes, that’s right, as a self-employed person, the cost of the conference is a complete business expense deduction.

Why are we telling you this? Well, because the early registration deadline for this year’s Creative Freelancer Conference is tomorrow. All told, the pricetag for the whole CFC experience, including hotel and airfare, is less than $1,000. (Summer airfare to San Diego is a steal right now.) What are you waiting for? Register now! This is one business decision you won’t regret.

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