You Say You Want A Revolution

Well check your mailbox, because the HOW Design Live Design Revolution Manifesto has mailed and will be hitting your desk soon! It’s already made it into the hands of designer Christopher Simmons who posted a picture on Facebook yesterday. Simmons of MINE in San Francisco is a design revolutionary himself and will be speaking on the topic of “What is ‘Good’ Design,” meaning design that does good in the world.

What does the word “revolutionary” mean to you? Is it questioning the status quo, finding better ways to get the work done, choosing a challenge over something tried-and-true? We’re looking for design revolutionaries to showcase in the run-up to the conference and seeking personal stories from past conference attendees detailing how HOW Design Live events have affected your career and/or personal life. If you have a story to share, please contact us at

And if the Manifesto doesn’t appear in your mail, you can request one by emailing

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