Podcast Episode 34 – The Design Portfolio of the Future

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Episode #34: Rich Radka on the Design Portfolio of the Future

In the latest HOW Design Live podcast episode, Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing-Mentor.com and Partner for HOW Design Live’s Creative Entrepreneur program, talks with Rich Radka from Barcelona-based Claro Partners about the relationship between designers and “Design” (with a Big D), and how to present your design portfolio for the agency of the future, which brings together teams of social scientists, designers and strategists.

About Rich Radka:

rich work aug 2012Rich Radka is a founding partner at Claro Partners, where he delivers user-centered business and service design. His core skills are idea generation, connecting people and ideas, designing future scenarios and leading his teams to build them. At Claro, Rich leads designers, social scientists and strategists to create better user experiences across banking, automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, travel, consumer goods, and global development. Prior to founding Claro, Rich was director of user experience at Studio Archetype and Sapient. His background is a hybrid of research and design combining the digital and the physical. He lives in Barcelona and works globally.



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