Podcast Episode 21 – Rigsby Hull on the Evolution of Design in Business

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Episode #21: Rigsby Hull on the Evolution of Design in Business

Sappi_ChicagoHere’s another special treat: Recorded live as part of the HOWDesignLive@SCAD Lecture series, Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing-Mentor.com and Partner for HOW Design Live’s new Creative Entrepreneur program, talks with partners Lana Rigsby and Thomas Hull of Houston-based, Rigsby Hull. In this chat, they share their process and the thinking behind the “design” they offer clients, such as the Union of Concerned Scientists, where the deliverable can be a conversation. Includes special guests, SCAD professors, Steff Geissbuhler and Joe Digioia. (Also you can watch the live video here.) See also Lana’s HOWLive 2015 presentation based on an innovative project called Sappi/Haptic Brain.


About Lana Rigsby:

Lana_RigsbyAs president and creative director for Rigsby Hull, Lana Rigsby has been honored internationally for design that pairs verbal intelligence with restrained, elegant expression. An outspoken thinker and practitioner in the field of communications, Lana has authored publications, chaired conferences, and lectured for universities and institutions throughout the country. She has served as a judge for many international design competitions and exhibitions, is a founding member of the AIGA’ Texas Chapter and has served as National Director for the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

About Thomas Hull:

Thomas_HullA passion for clear communication and sophisticated typography are hallmarks of Thomas’ work, which has been exhibited in such forums as Communication Arts, The American Institute of Graphic Arts Annual, ID Magazine and The Type Directors Club. Thomas is active in the design community and he teaches and lectures for organizations and universities around the country. He is a board member of the AIGA, Houston and The Printing Museum; he recently was part of the curatorial panel for the AIGA-sponsored retrospective of Texas design, The Texas Show.



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