Podcast: Coca-Cola’s James Sommerville on Evolving as a Designer


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Episode #64:

As part of the HOWDesignLive@SCAD 2017 Lecture series, Ilise Benun of Marketing-Mentor.com and Zachary Petit of HOW and PRINT magazines, chat with HOW Design Live Speaker, James Sommerville, VP of Global Design for The Coca Cola Company, on how (and what) large global brands can learn from entrepreneurial, start-up culture to continually evolve, transform and attract tomorrow’s talent. (Also you can watch the live video here.)

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About James Sommerville:

James Sommerville co-founded ATTIK, with his college colleague, at the age of 19 right in the attic of his grandmother’s house in Huddersfield, England. In the 1990’s, James had designed the early campaigns of huge companies like MTV, AOL, Sony Playstation and Nike. ATTIK went global in 2000 and opened offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney. In October 2007, ATTIK was sold to Dentsu, the world’s largest single advertising agency, HQ in Japan. 

Today, James is a key leader in one of the world’s most valuable and innovative brands. He joined The Coca-Cola Company in 2013 as VP of Global Design. In his short time, he has re-branded over 20 global brands across the system. His works over the last 3 years has been seen by billions of consumers, in over 200 countries.

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