Podcast Episode 40 – The Designers Roundtable

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Episode #40: Jenny Poff on how #HOWLive re-ignited the Designers Roundtable

In the latest HOW Design Live podcast episode, Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing-Mentor.com and HOW Design Live Programming Partner, talks with Jenny Poff of the Designers Roundtable on how pitching her passion project at HOWLive 2016 re-ignited her own interest in her project and propelled her to create a one-year plan.


About Jenny Poff:

jenny_650Jenny Poff is a visual brand expert in her company, Presque Isle Designs, based out of Erie, PA. Partnering with entrepreneurs, healthcare organizations & social service organizations, they create visual solutions to help tell their own unique story.

A born entrepreneur, Jenny understands the struggles of wearing many different hats to have a successful business. That’s why she started the Designers Roundtable, an international accountability group for solo creative business owners (“creativepreneurs”). The programs have helped increase confidence, as well as provide a safe community for like-minded creative leaders to celebrate their successes, find and share resources, and lend support when business gets hard. She is also the founder of the Designers Roundtable Retreat, which unites independent creative business owners from across the nation into an in-person Mastermind Workshop.

Jenny is the recipient of the American Advertising Award (ADDY) for design excellence, the Charles Logan Smith Award for excellence in design, the Junior Achievement inaugural “Erie Success Award 2014” for young entrepreneurship, and has a BFA from Ohio University.

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One thought on “Podcast Episode 40 – The Designers Roundtable

  1. DesignersRoundtable

    Thanks again for this opportunity to share about my passion project, the Designers Roundtable. We hope freelancers, graphic designers, creative business owners, etc – will hear our interview and want to learn more about how our community can help grow an strengthen their businesses as well as lead the way to making the business they want and deserve.

    See you soon Ilise!
    ~ Designers-Roundtable.com