Podcast Episode 35 – Michael e. Stern on Negotiating with Confidence

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Episode #35: Michael e. Stern on Negotiating with Confidence

In the latest HOW Design Live podcast episode, Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing-Mentor.com and HOW Design Live Programming Partner, talks with veteran creative professional and construction time-lapse filmmaker, Michael e. Stern. The conversation goes beyond negotiating to how to price your services in a way that earns the respect of big clients and how to develop the strength and self-respect to prevent yourself from ignoring the red flags clients wave in front of you.

About Michael e. Stern:

Michael e. Stern headshotMichael e. Stern is an award-winning Los Angeles based commercial photographer specializing in industrial and construction time-lapse short films and business portraiture. Michael has conceived and produced multi-camera demolition, construction and industrial narratives for companies large and small, including: Madison Square Garden Company, The Huntington Botanical Gardens & Library, The Rose Bowl, Advertising Photographers of America and The Port of Long Beach amongst others. He’s also delivered individual and large group portraits for The Walt Disney Company, Pixar Studios and ABC Television. Michael’s photographs have been published in more than a dozen books published by Disney Press, in addition to catalogs for Sotheby’s, Cinema Secrets & Sid & Marty Kroft Pictures, Inc. He’s also the author of Build A Better Photograph, A Disciplined Approach To Creativity. To learn more about Michael, and to see samples of his work: buildabetterphotograph.com

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