Podcast Episode 55: How to Win Your Ideal Clients


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Episode #55: Jake Jorgovan on How to Win Your Dream Clients

In this HOW Design Live podcast episode, Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing-Mentor.com and HOW Design Live Programming Partner, talks with former agency owner, Jake Jorgovan, one of the speakers at this year’s “Get Better Clients Bootcamp,” about how agencies can use creativity to win their ideal clients.

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jake-jAbout Jake Jorgovan:

Jorgovan helps agencies and consultants win their dream clients. After 5 years of running a creative agency and signing multiple Fortune 500 clients, Jake ventured out on his own and began helping other agencies win their dream clients. He publishes a regular podcast called Working Without Pants, where he interviews agency owners and uncovers secrets of their success. Jake blogs and podcasts regularly at
Jake-Jorgovan.com about how agencies and consultants can win more clients. And you can read his recent article for HOW Design Live, 4 Ways to Use Creativity to Win New Clients. 



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