Podcast Episode 9 – The Pursuit of Passion and Design Entrepreneurship

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Episode #9: Yo Santosa on the Role of Passion to a Design Entrepreneur

In this episode of the HOW Design Live Podcast, Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing-Mentor.com and Partner for HOW Design Live’s new Creative Entrepreneur program, talks with serial design entrepreneur, Yo Santosa, about the role passion plays in her entrepreneurial ventures, the mistakes made and the lessons learned in starting four businesses (and counting).

About Yo Santosa:

yosantosa.comYo Santosa: creative director, entrepreneur, and dreamer with three Emmy Award nominations, a renown branding agency, two start-ups, and a publication. Her very first client, Pinkberry, grew from one store to a global brand with over 200 stores worldwide. In 2006, from her loft she started her branding agency, ferroconcrete.com. In 2011, she started früute, a modern cookie and gift company to share her mom’s baking and her sister’s sense of style. She also co-founded Commodity in 2013, a fragrance company with a mission to make “fragrance personal.” In 2014, she created LA Downtowner, a print publication.

With her iPhone as her best friend and Steve Jobs as her hero, she believes it’s fate they share the same birthday. Inspired by timeless German design, minimalist Japanese style, Dieter Rams, and a good chicken wing, she can be found wandering downtown LA (she keeps a 2 mile radius from her apartment).

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Watch her “Creative Mornings” talk.



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